and the trees are still homes

on display since 21 july 2018

atwood window gallery
251 atwood st. pittsburgh, pa

photo of a
    storefront window display at night, with large black and white photographs
    of forest scenes displayed

inkjet prints on washi, silver gelatin prints, yew branches, river rocks.

"and the trees are still homes" is a whimsical reflection on the mysterious, compelling spaces formed in the forest's depths. individual trees house countless other organisms, providing both substrate and sustenance for the beginning, middle, end, or entirety of those lifecycles; trees and lives tangle with other trees and other lives, building forests, homes, universes.

these photographs were taken as the artist-in-residence at the great smoky mountains national park, july 2017.

several photos
    of detail shots, showing that behind the main prints there are tree branches
    propped up with rocks, with small black and white photographs of forest
    scenes tucked in the branches. also includes a placard, wich text similar to
    the statement in this website.

process photos