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my work is funded by a combination of grants, artist stipends, and contributions from individuals.

tipping me

if you're interested in contributing towards my work, thank you! here's a list of ways i'm currently accepting individual funding:

purchasing/funding specific work

if you're interested in purchasing anything from me (whether it be prints, services, or anything else), please send me an email and i'll be happy to negotiate a commission with you.

occasionally, i'll have pieces available for general sale, or i'm running a larger project with a specific target budget. sign up for my mailing list to get announcements that include opportunities to purchase work and participate in funding drives..

a note on payment processing systems

in the past, i've funded my work using patreon, paypal, and other internet-based platforms; these were financially successful, but my experiences with those systems has lead me to move away from commercial services for bringing in income. i understand the convenience and benefits of using tools that have market saturation, but i'm unhappy with the wider implications of relying on them.

i frequently reconsider my relationship to the current economy, and this is a fluid part of my life; please feel free to send me specific inquiries if you have a strong interest in supporting my work and cannot resolve that with my established protocols above.