instagram clone for @modgethanc

(this is still a rough wip, don't take it too seriously)

black and white photo through a car window, showing a road under heavy construction with a sign that says "KEEP RIGHT" on the left and "KEEP LEFT" on the right
photo from an airplane window of where the city of tucson abuts the mountains, which are dusted with snow where they rise into the clouds
low-contrast photo of some distant tree tops with two hawks visible; one has its wings open

a strange blue photo that shows trees against a fading sunset, with the reflection of a kitchen stove area taking up half the image
color photo of a lush green spout of grass on the gritty desert floor
black and white photo of a US geological survey marker showing 8590 ft. above sea level, on a rock formation with dizzying heights to the desert valley floor visible behind it

black and white photo of an almost-full moon which has barely risen above the lip of a desert mountain ridgeline
hello moon i am in the desert now
the grass will grow over this

this space will always wait for you
three blue chairs in a row against a blank wall; a wooden ladder is opened up and placed over the center chair.
photograph of a tote bag full of produce, on a black mat that's stained with a variety of darkroom chemicals

reinstalled instagram months after getting my phone back from the shop and it's even more confusingly unchronlogical and ad-stuffed and Engagement-focused than i remembered and i can't deal sorry pals send me email or text to keep in touch bye
it's that time again
text that reads "i wish i could quit you, instagram" with a cursor at the every end

this hare sees you #inktober
bun squad #inktober
harecrow #inktober

metaphors aren't real
always rabbits #inktober

stretchy rabbits #inktober
this is still rabbits #inktober

hare magic #inktober
haremask #inktober