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cyanotype workshop information

the cyanotype is one of the earliest discovered photographic processes. it makes prints in a vivid blue color. in fact, this is where blueprints get their "blue" from; the first blueprints were made using cyanotypes! cyanotypes can be made without a darkroom, because the chemicals only respond to UV light. the most straightforward use of cyanotypes is through creating photograms, which uses physical objects to project shadows onto the paper while it's being exposed. some of the earliest botanical studies were made using plant cuttings and cyanotype photograms.

for this workshop, i'll bring paper prepared with the cyanotype surface, and we'll explore different ways to make images. no photographic or art experience is necessary, but feel free to bring some small objects to try to make into a photogram. keys, jewelry, toy figures, paper cutouts, or anything that casts an interesting shadow might have great potential!