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reverse postcard information

at a particular place, on a particular date, for a limited period of time, i'll bring my 4x5 toyo field camera to a photographically appealing location and offer to make portraits of park visitors. then, after i get back to my home base in august, i'll process and print them as postcards to send out to those visitors, as a unique keepsake of their hike.

if you worked with me to have your photograph taken for this project, thank you for participating! it will take me some time to develop, print, and mail you your postcard. i'm expecting to process film in early august, and aiming to have all postcards sent out by mid-september.

if you checked 'YES' for interest in having your park portrait potentially included in future work, i'll be in contact with you to exchange additional details and permissions.

meanwhile, if you're interested in other art i've made during my residency, check out my in progress page. if you'd like to support my work, check out my patreon.