instagram clone for @modgethanc

(this is still a rough wip, don't take it too seriously)

gritty black and white photo of the back of a house, showing a porch awning, a flat sky, a lamp post in the yard with a sheet of glass reflecting a tree.
slanted black and white photo of a residential street with a streetlamp cutting in from the side and a row of tiny windows with deep awnings
black and white photo of some houses on a hill and a big flat sky

black and white photo of the side of a house, with other houses visible, and a flat sky
an extremely fluffy orange cat rolling over on a couch, displaying its belly
a monkey-chained climbing rope draped back and forth between a pair of wire racks in a basement, hanging up to dry

white tailed deer calmly scratching an itch on its shoulder in the grass behind a view of the front of a bicycle at dusk
black and white photo of two separate deer jawbones buried under leaf debris
black and white photo of legs and feet sitting on a hardwood floor with a sunlight through window pattern

photo of a lit up metal sign for 'HOTEL MORGAN' on the roof of a building during sunset; the 'R' is out
close up of a big bumblebee digging deep into a flower
photo of a tidy little backyard near sunset with a long tree shadow and a bicycle parked under the porch awning

photo through a front porch of the street getting milled by a giant machine in preparation for paving
photo of a small doll at the bottom of a set of dirty concrete steps in the space between houses
side by side of two views of a brazilian rain tree bonsai, closeup on the trunk with two tiny green buds poking out

photo of my desk covered in several gutted studio lights, tools, bulbs, bolts, etc. scattered everywhere
photo of my ridiculously orange bike on a work stand in the driveway, framed through an ornamental wrought-iron door
close-up of my hand in a tight crimp position on the lip of a white painted brick ledge in a hallway

black and white photo out of a plane, showing the wing passing over downtown pittsburgh with some clouds
ghostly image of light footprints through a dusting of snow over bricks
faded color photo of several vegetable baskets outside of a marketplace, including "lettuce head", "celery", "69 c/lb", and some chinese writing

a dusky photograph of a still pond reflecting the honolulu skyline just after sunset
washed out color photograph of the inside of a kitchen goods market with lots and lots of pots and pans and other wares just piled up into the distance
color photo of two large gnome statues in the middle of being packed up, one of them wrapped in plastic next to some palates, in an urban tropical setting

flat, moody grey photo of a very large banyan trunk, lots and lots and lots of branches and roots clawing into the ground
photo of a set of banyan roots, tangled coils like snakes digging into the earth
moody photo out of a large glass window overlooking honolulu, showing a pair of high-rise buildings, a large crane in a construction site, and sprawling smaller buildings creeping up the volcanic crater in the distance